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Getting in the gym 4 - 5 times a week is key 🔑. But what makes fitness great, is getting outside and enjoying it!!!
Jake Crandall
February 25, 2022
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5 Active Recovery Ideas To Make Rest Days More Fun

When was the last time you took a rest day? While working out is important, allowing your muscles to recover properly is equally, if not more important. Even if you don't take a full rest day, engaging in active recovery can still help your muscles to heal and grow while staying moving. Here are five of our favorite active recovery activities.

Head out on a hike

Grab a friend and head into the great outdoors. Hiking is a great way to get your legs moving without taxing your body too much. Plus, it's a great way to get outside and get some fresh air. In Tulsa, Turkey Mountain has multiple options to hike varying in length and difficulty.

Play a different sport

Whether it's a game of pickup basketball or your company's softball team, regularly learning and playing new sports is one of the fundamental tenants of CrossFit. Give it a go for your next active recovery day! OSSO Sports & Social in Tulsa offers league sports so you can get your recovery on and make friends at the same time.

Take a yoga class

Yoga is a great way to work on mobility, balance, strength, and coordination in a low impact setting and is a great option for active recovery. At Okie CrossFit Downtown, we offer Yoga every Sunday at 2pm led by a professional / certified Instructor. We also offer RomWOD daily to our members through our Fitness App at no additional charge.

At Okie CrossFit in Tulsa, we have 2 locations with 24/7 access, professional coaches, tons of equipment and so much more. If you're in the Tulsa area and want to try a FREE WEEK of Tulsa's best CrossFit Gyms (2 locations) use this link. If not, use the information in this post to recover faster, learn about Tulsa, and have a ton of fun.

Play in a park

Tulsa is known for our beautiful parks. The Gathering Place won national public park of the year award for 2021. Get out with family and friends and enjoy our parks..

Go for a bike ride

Biking is also a great low impact form of active recovery, plus it will translate perfectly to all those assault bike intervals. If riding your bike up and down Riverside Park ever gets boring, check out all of these Tulsa Area Trails.

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