4 Steps for Goal Setting

If you’re new to fitness or trying to get back in shape, sometimes "Just workout "doesn’t cut it. Here are 4 tips to achieve your goals.
Jake Crandall
February 25, 2022
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Be realistic: You may not be as fit as you once were or you may just be getting started. This means you must plan accordingly. Maybe your goal is a to lose 20 pounds, but you haven't done a workout in years. This isn’t to say you can't achieve that, but it may not happen overnight. You need to think of what you'll do when you lose 20 pounds. Run a 5k, play with your grandkids, wear that swimsuit you've been eyeing. Tie what you'll do when you lose 20 pounds to your goal of losing 20 pounds. Knowing and stating your "why" will help you achieve this goal. Put a date on your goal and tape it in a prominent place as a reminder, but also be willing to accept it may take longer than you expect to meet that goal.

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Create sub goals: You've created your goal and tied it to your "why". Now it's time to plot a course to get you there.Don’t limit yourself to a one goal; there are many potential goals to consider. You could have a sub goal to go workout 4 times a week, get outside and walk 2 times a week, stretch 15 minutes at home every evening, drink a gallon of water a day, etc. The sub goals at your disposal are limitless and all help you achieve your "main goal". Write down your sub goals and tape them up next to your goal.

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Join an online group: There are many online groups on Facebook and other sites. At Okie CrossFit, we have the Okie CrossFit Members Group on Facebook. In this group, you can learn and be encouraged from peers and coaches with the same goals as you. Feel encouraged as you share your progress. If your friends don’t share your enthusiasm for working out, they probably won't understand the your new fitness lingo. Join online communities where people will appreciate your work, regardless of your individual goals.

track your progress

Track Your Progress: The best way to get better at something is by practicing and perfecting. Spending time in the gym will help you reach your goals, and it is proven that being accountable to yourself through tracking of workouts will get you to your goal faster than not. At Okie CrossFit our members use SugarWOD to track their progress.

These are just four ways you can look at creating goals to help you stay motivated. Don’t forget great music to get you through the grind. If you have any questions about your individual goal setting or want to try the Best CrossFit Gym in Tulsa for a FREE WEEK, we'd love to meet with you.

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