What Is CrossFit? Aka CVFMHI

CrossFit gets great results for our members all thanks to a little CVFMHI. What is CVFMHI? Read on to see!
Jake Crandall
February 25, 2022
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Many people are looking for a CrossFit gym near them, but they do not understand exactly why CrossFit training is so popular.

CrossFit workouts consist of "constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity."

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CVFMHI Is How CrossFit Helps Clients Find Fitness So Fast and Effectively.

While there are many complex reasons why CrossFit works, for the sake of this post, we will keep it simple.

What Is The Definition of CrossFit?

In a nutshell, CrossFit works based on its core definition: CrossFit is Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity.  Or CVFMHI for short.

This simple explanation is the base reason millions of people around the world have transformed their lives and their health in short time.

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Let's break down each portion of this, and then explain why they are so effective in weight loss, strength gain, and overall fitness and health improvement.

CrossFit Definition: What does Constantly Varied mean?

This part can get confusing. The average person when reading this might think "random".

CrossFit Trining and Programming is far from random.  In fact, it is generally periodized and planned in much more detail than most gym members would care to understand!

By design our CrossFit workouts do not repeat often.  In terms of muscles used, time we workout, how hard or fast we intend to go, etc.  

By continually asking our bodies to do work in different ways, we are demanding our body to prepare for everything.

One simple way to measure fitness might be to determine how well your body could handle any physical activity.  From a marathon run to a pushing a car and everything in between.

Benefits of Group Fitness

CrossFit Definition: What does Functional Movements mean?

Functional movements is CrossFit speak for movements that mimic everyday life.

Pushing, pulling, running, jumping, squatting, lifting, lunging. These are all functional movements that are often done in a CrossFit gym.

These types of exercises work your body by using the same muscles we use to do things like pick up groceries or play with our kids on the floor.

The CrossFit workouts are designed to make Crossfitters (those who participate in CrossFit) healthier and more fit by using these functional movements we perform every day as the main focus of our training.  

Functional movements not only make you stronger and fitter faster (we can go over why in another blog post)... but they also actually prepare you for things you will do on a daily basis in real life.

No one actually does bicep curls in most aspects of life.  Or tricep kickbacks.  

But we do perform a form of a squat when we sit down.  We also perform a deadlift when we pick up a bag groceries.

This is why it's important to learn functional movements correctly - as they will carry over to your day to day life.

CrossFit Definition: What Is High Intensity?

This is where the magic of CrossFit happens.  To understand why, we need to understand how our bodies work.

Our bodies actually adapt to every stimulus you put it under.  It will work to make any stress you put on it easier.  Truly an efficient machine!

This stress causes our bodies to adapt. That adaptation is also known as fitness!    

So CrossFit workouts are designed to push your body in ways it's not used to.  This causes an "emergency" response by our bodies - a fight or flight reaction that is activated when we encounter high stress, danger, or discomfort.

One thing to note, high intensity does not mean "workout until you throw up". Intensity by nature is a relative measure. What is intense to one person might be easy for another.  

Thus CrossFit workouts done in our gym focus on a personal high intensity - not just "high intensity for high intensity sake".

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Why Does CrossFit Work So Fast?

Putting it all together - when we look at CFFMHI put together, it's no wonder that CrossFit gym members get so much results so fast!

It's also the simple explanation why CrossFit is so addicting:  Its produces results.  And quickly.

Okie CrossFit has 2 CrossFit Locations Focused On Your Needs

At Okie CrossFit we have 2 CrossFit gyms that are focused on you - our client.  Our goal is to work with each of our clients to help them find a fitter, healthier version of themselves in a fun and lasting way.

So if you want to get healthier than take advantage of our FREE WEEK (psst. use that link to reserve your first day...)

If you're worried about not being ready for CrossFit, don't worry! It's common for people to be worried, but you don't need to "prepare to CrossFit".  Our coaches will help you out from day one.

Still worried?

I'm Jake Crandall, the owner. I used to weigh 300 pounds and am a Disabled Army Veteran. If I can do it, anyone can. I can't wait to meet you.

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