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You can’t build a house on sand


You can’t build a house on sand

You can’t build a house on sand

(check out the YouTube video below)

As we continue our squat series, we must address the cornerstone of the movement, building a strong foundation. This is our feet. Most people neglect the role the feet have in the squat when in reality they are what connects us to the ground, and what allows us to generate force into the floor. If our feet aren’t active in the squat, we are missing out on stability which will result in missed opportunities to get better!

When we are setting up for the squat, our feet must be positioned correctly. The toes need to be pointed straight ahead, not slightly out. This is going to allow us to build a strong arch in the foot as we begin our squat.

From here, we need to create tension in the foot. We do this by pinning our big toe, pinky toe, and heel all to the ground. Picking your toes up in the squat is like doing pull ups with only your thumb and index finger. With our three points of contract firmly planted to the ground, we must now do what is referred to as rooting. You are going to attempt to spread your feet apart as if you were going into the splits. Obviously this won’t happen because your feet are also creating downward pressure with our three points. This step is important because it locks us into the floor but also activates the glutes as we get ready to squat.

With this set up, we now can fully active at our musculature and are locked in, or rooted, to the floor. Next time you squat follow these steps and feel the difference for yourself!