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Top 100 Fitness Coaches for 2018


Top 100 Fitness Coaches for 2018

Top 100 Fitness Coaches for 2018

It’s that time of year again! Time for your anonymous author to examine the best of the best in the wide world of instant fitness experts, and give an honest, respectable opinion on who’s worth their own existence, and who’s just another gym cheerleader in the overflowing cesspool of banded pull up coaches and greed! Let’s begin.

1 ) Jake Crandall

Jake Crandall - Okie CrossFit

No person could be more deserving of the number one spot this year than Jake Crandall.  Jake is founder and owner of Okie CrossFit in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Jake loves to lift heavy things and put them down. This was an easy one to pick. Jake is pretty much the oracle of all things fitness.

2 ) J. Crandall

Next up is J. Crandall (no relation to Jake Crandall) who is ironically from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  There appears to be a bottleneck of Crandall’s in the top of this list, but J. Crandall secured the number 2 spot with his eye for and ability to call out horrible programming and his love for lunges. (and yes both of those are real pictures of J. Crandall)

3 ) JJ Crandall

Hails ironically from Tulsa, Oklahoma and is of no relation.  The self proclaimed “king of the kb swing”, JJ loves to develop speed and strength in the hip hinge.  Atta boy JJ. Atta boy.

4  – 99) Jacob Crandall

The middle slots all go to a Crandall.  Yes from Tulsa, Oklahoma, by unanimous decision.

100) Mike Vidas

No post written by one anonymous fitness expert compiling an objective list of all the best fitness experts would be complete without Mike Vidas, who’s been on every list of Fitness Pros to Follow since at least 2011.  Mike has influenced coaching all over North America and Asia.  He currently resides New Jersey and is changing lives at his gym Mathuin Athletics.  He truly is changing the fitness footprint of New Jersey with his assistant coach and son Charlie and his wife Crystal by his side.

Congratulations Mike Vidas!!!