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The 2018 CrossFit Open is Almost Here


The 2018 CrossFit Open is Almost Here

It is that time of year again…  Open Season.

I can hear the collective cheers and groans from CrossFit athletes and gym owners around the world… Another CrossFit Open!  Yayyyy!!! Boooooo!!!!!

It is our goal to save athletes time during the stressful time of the Open, while still delivering a good experience for all members.  GET SIGNED UP.

Here are a few points on how we handle our training at Okie CrossFit for the CrossFit Open

  • Okie CrossFit started tweaking our programming in December.
  • Okie CrossFit supports the CrossFit Open, but doesn’t alienate anyone who aren’t “in” to the Open this year.
  • As an athlete, it is never wise to attempt to ‘cram’ the month of February.
  • ‘Save’ your non-Open movements for the first couple weeks.
  • We are on a yearly template, but with the Open, we transition from Monday to Sunday programming to a Friday to Thursday “work week”.
  • Once the Open starts, we keep your volume on the safe side.
  • During the Open, we look at each week and see what has been programmed so far so it is easier to program in the later weeks.


The CrossFit Open is Great!

The Open exposes your weaknesses (opportunities for improvement) while also showing you how far you’ve come in your fitness.  The Open is for everyone.  There are different age and ability classes.  GET SIGNED UP TODAY!!!

The WODs for the Open are announced on Thursday nights at 7pm Central.  We will be watching these live at the gym.

We will be doing the Open WODs on Saturdays throughout the 5 weeks (Feb 24 – Mar 10).  The atmosphere is electric and the mood is infectious.