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Okie CrossFit Ketosis Calculator

Harris-Benedict Calculator

Welcome to the Okie CrossFit Keto Macro Instructional Page (Recipe Links at bottom)

Please put your weight, height and age in the calculator.
You may need to change the units of measurement to pounds / height & inches.
Write down your calories for your gender.  Multiply your calories by 1.2 (example. If the calculator says 2,000 calories.  2000×1.2=2400)

This is your base caloric number.
Put these calories in your MyFitnessPal (free version) under daily goals.
Do this by going to “more (the 3 dots in lower right)”, then “goals”, then “calorie and macronutrient goals”
Click “calories” and put in your calories.
Then adjust percentages by clicking “Carbohydrates” and the “%” button.
Adjust carbohydrates to 5% carbs (quality carbs – greens keep the bowels moving) protein to 20% and fat to 75%.

These are your nutritional macros. Here is how you change them….
It takes 3 days for your body to adjust.  Always 3 days. Don’t cheat it or become your own nutritionist and try to out think the process.

If you are still extremely hungry (this doesn’t mean the feeling bad part of the first two weeks of keto)  after 3 days of hitting every single macro, add 60 calories to your MyFitnessPal. You can add 60 calories up to 3 days in a row.  After that, your “hunger” is either tied to your activity levels (remember you should workout no more than every other day) or your hunger could be mental.  Adjust your activity and push through the mental food addiction.

If you work in construction or are just very very active, using your best judgment add 60 cals per day until you level out.  The scale and the mirror will not lie. It is up to you to make proper adjustments and make true physical and hormonal changes.  

Drink at least 1.25 gallons of water a day.

Supplements & Test Kits

Amazon is your friend.  Prime delivers fast and Amazon tends to be cheaper than drug and grocery store.

Ketone Test Kit.  Blood tests are the key to “knowing if you’re in ketosis”.  Don’t use urine sticks.  They are inaccurate.
This kit only has a weeks worth of test strips and lancets, so order more.

Keto Test Strip Refills

Lancet Refills



Jay Robb Protein


Keto Recipes

Keto Biscuits & Gravy

Pizza Casserole

Chicken & Spinach Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Baked Chicken Pesto Parmasean

Peppered Steak with Mushrooms

Almond Joy Fat Bomb

Fudge Fat Bomb

Lemon Bar Fat Bomb

Keto Made Easy Cookbook (because google gets old.  LOL)