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LESS IS MORE: Why is doing training more, setting you back?


LESS IS MORE: Why is doing training more, setting you back?

You’ve not seen any gains in the last week. You panic.  You’ve trained 2 times a day for 10 straight days. Panic overwhelms your mind.

The answers are simple.

  1. You’ll just add another training session to each day.  It’s ok, you need training more than you need sleep.
  2. It’s the protein, you’re not getting enough.  Or maybe you undershot your macro allowance two days ago causing your muscles to wither away.
  3. It’s likely your warm up – it only lasts 45 minutes and you already foam roll your muscles deep and long for 15 minutes before and after both of your daily workouts…..
  4. Maybe you should add in some more glute activation drills?

panic gif

The grim reality is that the absolute mess you now call a training regime has developed into a full blown neurosis.

All those internet sites have truly misled you and turned you into someone who watches others on InstaGram and thinks “I should add that to my training”.

You’ve lost control and now it’s time to take it back…

1) Stop looking to learn (by watching 20 sec videos) from every coach and elite athlete on InstaGram.

Your InstaGram feed likely has the following:

  1. Elite athlete doing athletic things.
  2. Coaches promoting their template programs to “get you regionals ready”
  3. More elite athletes promoting their coaches by doing very athletic things.

Ask yourself, I wonder what (insert elite athlete name here) parents look like? Chances are they are physical specimens.

Ask yourself, I wonder if they get all of their training done in 90 minutes or less a day.  Chances are they are at the gym twice for 90 minutes each session.  They get massages twice a week, have all their food prepped for them, yada yada yada…. Requires a trust fund or very very very understanding spouse and kids.

The amount of fitness information pouring out of social media these days numbs your frontal lobes.  That’s great as long as you view it as entertainment not an advertisement to purchase dreams.

the matrix information


Whomever you chose to be your coach, focus on their voice.  It will help block out the static and allow you to become more consistent, staying on any given program for months, as opposed to changing / adding to it every weekYou will be surprised how strong and fast you get when you give your muscles and energy systems a break.

2) Figure out what you can do

How many quality push ups can you do in one go? Nowadays most adults are lucky if they can do one.  Yet the first thing most people (primarily males) do in the gym is head for the bench, grab the bar and start banging out reps, in the hope that they’re sporting a set of massive pectoral muscles by the end of the week.

Ronald McDonald bench press

Same goes for kipping pull ups.

Great exercise – but most people don’t respect and honor the journey to a strict pull up.  If you have strict pull ups, you won’t hurt your shoulders kipping.  If you don’t have strict pull ups, it’s not if but when your shoulders will have problems.

If we figure out how we can physically perform certain exercises, this in turn will give us an indication of where we’re at and what we can build upon, thus building a solid foundation or base.

3) Train your full body three times per week (we do this at Okie CrossFit M/W/F)

Chicken soup is delicious and popular. Why? There’s no messing around, minimal ingredients and it get’s the job done.

Just the way training should be.

Not nowadays however – it’s straight onto the internet to see what ELSE you can add to the program because what you’re doing isn’t GOOD enough.

Next thing you know, you’re blowing into a paper bag, trying to crush a panic attack after being overwhelmed by the amount of options available.

Exercise with intent and stay the course.  It will help you keep both your gym time and social media at the gym time to a minimumYou will be surprised how strong and fast you get when you give your muscles and energy systems a break.

Signing off

Punching walls because you haven’t eaten in three hours? Risking arrest in a the gym because someone was using your favorite wall ball?

Arguing with people in social media about squat depth or form?

If you find yourself committing these pointless and heinous acts then it’s best advised to break it down and have a long look at why you train.

In an ever complicated world it’s time to take a step back and strip out the fluff and noise.

Sometimes we have to take it back to basics and find out what REALLY works while having some FUN in the process.

Train to live longer and more fruitful.  Don’t train because you have to.

You will be surprised how strong and fast you get when you give your muscles and energy systems a break.

bruce lee simplicity is the key to brilliance