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CrossFit 9/9/2018


CrossFit 9/9/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
2 Rounds
30 second banded lat stretch (each arm)
10 bird dogs (each leg)
10 fire hydrants (each leg)

Handstand Progression:
10 minute practice
20 second Tripod headstand hold
10 Seated straddle leg raise
5 Reverse burpee into deck squat
Handstand push up negative @5000 (come off the wall after each rep)

10 Second tripod headstand hold
10 hanging leg raise
5 deck squats
10 Z press @5111

AMRAP 30 Min (at a conversational pace)
20/15 cal bike OR 400M Run
50ft bear crawl
5 wall walks
Rest 30 seconds

Scaled: As Written
Masters: As Written
RX: As Written

Rotate Run and Bike each round.
Intent: Easy aerobic work to finish the week off!