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CrossFit 9/16/2018


CrossFit 9/16/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
3 Rounds
200M Run
10 bird dog (each)
10 fire hydrants (each)

Upper Body Pulling Progression:
8 minute practice
5 Supinated Negative pull ups @5000 (drop off bar after each rep, scale to negative ring row as slow as possible)
10 Perfect kip swings (scale with 15 sec active hang)
5 Bar tuck to inverts (scale to hanging knee raise)
15 V ups

AMRAP- 30 Minutes
500m row or 400M Run or 20/15 Cal Bike
50’ Bear Crawl
100ft Dual KB front rack carry

Body: 35/25 Goblet Carry
Scaled: 35/25
Masters: 55/35
RX: 55/35

Rotate row, run, and bike between rounds

Intent: Easy aerobic work to finish the week off!

RXtra Credit:
2 rounds
10 Single Arm Russian KB Swings
10 Goblet Box Step up