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CrossFit 8/14/2018


CrossFit 8/14/2018

Gymnastic Warm Up:
2 rounds for quality
30 Second banded lat stretch
5 Hollow to arch hold roll over
10 KB windmills
10 Scap Pull Ups

Gymnastics Upper Body Pressing Progression:
10 Minutes of play
20 Sec Side Plank (ea side)
15 Second Handstand Hold
Handstand hold nose to wall with 10 shoulder taps
Max Handstand Walk (or 25’ panther crawl)

15 second side plank (each side)
10 Second Tripod headstand hold
Plank hold with 10 shoulder taps (progress walking up the wall)
25’ panther walk

Gymnastics Strength:
E(2)MOM- 3 sets
5 Strict deficit handstand push up @40×1

Scale 1- 5 strict hspu’s
Scale 2- 8 deficit push up

4 Minute Amrap
Buy in: 60 double unders
4 Handstand Push Ups
8 Box Jump 24/20”

Rest 2 min x4

Scaled: 100 singles – 6 Push Ups
Masters: As Written
RX: As Written

Intent: Manage heart rate after completing jump rope. Push your pace but each round should have the same score.

Sweat Class
“Crunches in Bunches”
EMOM x 9 (ascending times) – Jump Rope
Rest 1 Min
Tabata Sit Ups
Rest 1 Min
Tabata Ball Slams
Rest 1 Min
EMOM x 9 (ascending times) – Row

Intent: Have fun. Be encouraging in these sit ups. High fives as they complete each rep, bring smiles.