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CrossFit 7/24/2018


CrossFit 7/24/2018

Gymnastic warm up:
2 rounds for quality
10 lunge with samson stretch (total)
5 Hollow to arch hold roll over
10 Scap Push Ups

Gymnastics Upper Body Pulling Progression:
10 Minute of play
10 table top ring row (pull to sternum)
5 chest 2 bar pull ups (scale with 4 pull up negatives)
20 sec side plank (ea side)
10 Strict hanging leg lifts (scale with strict knee tucks)

Gymnastics Strength:
E(2)MOM- 3 rounds
Perform 1 complex of:
4 toe 2 rings
6 chest 2 ring pull up
2 muscle up

(athletes can break this up but goal is to be unbroken)

3 Negative Pull ups
5 Hanging knee raise
30 second Active Hang

5 Minute Amrap
Buy In:
200M Run
12 Burpees
Max cal on bike

Rest 3 min x3


Intent: Score is number of calories you get so don’t pace the buy in too much!

Sweat Class
“Crunches in Bunches”
EMOM x 9 (ascending times) – Jump Rope
Rest 1 Min
Tabata Sit Ups
Rest 1 Min
EMOM x 9 (ascending times) – Row