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CrossFit 6/22/2018


CrossFit 6/22/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
3 rounds for quality
30 Second pigeon pose (ea side)
10 Push Ups
30 Second Dip Support

Central Nervous System Prep:
3 rounds
8 Squat Jumps w/ empty barbell
8 Bent over barbell Row
8 Front Squats

E(2nd)MOM x 4 rounds
Perform 1 set of the complex and at a moderate weight. You’ll get to go heavy in the WOD. Fast Crisp Practice right here.
1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Front Squat

18.2 (ish)
Dumbbell Front Squat
Bar facing Burpee

Find a max clean

Scaled: Air Squats
Masters: 50/35
RX: 50/35

Wodify Scoring. Comment with your time and clean #’s.

Intent: Every athletes will start by climbing the ladder of dumbbell squats and burpees, however, at 8 minutes every athlete will start build to a max clean regardless of where they are at. If an athlete finished the ladder before 8 minutes they can begin working on their clean.

Gymnasty Extra Credit:
2 sets
400m run
10 Perfect Wall Walks

Sweat Class
“Am I Working or Resting???”
EMOM- 10 Rounds
:20 Bike
Rest 2 Min
EMOM- 10 Rounds
:20 Row