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CrossFit 6/20/2018


CrossFit 6/20/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
3 rounds
15 Band Pull Aparts
20 Second Dip support
10 Hanging knee raises (keep and active shoulder!)

Central Nervous System Prep:
3 rounds for quality
8 Deficit Push Up
10 Z press
50ft Pec Walk

EMOM x 7 rounds – Building
Power Clean + Split Jerk

For Time
1k Row Buy in:
5 rounds
10 Pull Up
20 Body Weight Lunge Steps (total)

Scaled: Ring Row
Masters: As Written
RX: As Written

Intent- Set yourself up for success on the row, this isn’t a time trial but don’t sandbag it.

Gymnasty Extra Credit:
4 sets
10 Single Arm bottoms up KB or DB Press (each arm)
10 Single Arm Bent Over KB Row

Sweat Class
Warm Up:
3 rounds
30 sec plank
20 squats
5 burpees

EMOM- 18 Minutes
Min 1- 30 Second Bike Sprint
Min 2- 10 KB Swing
Min 3- 5 Box Jump