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CrossFit 5/8/2018


CrossFit 5/8/2018

Gymnastic warm up:
3 rounds for quality
10 PVC pass through
10 PVC overhead squat
10 Plank Shoulder Taps (each side)

Handstand Progression:
2 rounds for quality
5 Negative Handstand Push Up @5000 (scale with pike push up)
5 Wall walk W/ 3 second hold at top
15 Second Tripod headstand
30 Second Hollow Hold

5 minutes –2 Attempts of Max unbroken set Strict Handstand Push Up (scale with 10RM Z Press)

3 Rounds
500m Row (400m run)
12 Deadlift
12 Burpee Box Jump

Scaled: 115/80
Masters: 155/125
RX: 155/125

Intent: It will be easy for your clients to go crazy on this workout, reinforce the need to have a consistent split between rounds. There should be no drop off.