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CrossFit 5/6/2018


CrossFit 5/6/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
AMRAP – 6 min for quality
20 Second Hollow Hold
20 Second Arch Hold
10 Pistols to a box
10 Cossack Squats

Butterfly Pull Up Progression:
8 minute practice on a Bar
8 Giant Kip Swings
8 x 1 foot on box butterfly pull ups
8 x 1 kipping pull up w/4 second lower
4 Butterfly pull up singles

24 Minute AMRAP
500m Row / 400M Run (alternate each round)
18 Burpees
12 Ab Mat Sit Up
6 Strict Pull Up

Scaled: Ring Row
Masters: As Written
RX:As Written

Intent: Let the strict pull up slow you down, don’t go to a kipping pull up and get lots of rounds on this.