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CrossFit 5/5/2018


CrossFit 5/5/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
3 rounds
10 Boot Strappers
10 Pike Push Up
10 Barbell Hang Muscle Cleans

Central Nervous System Prep:
3 rounds
5 Box Jump
10 Goblet Squat
30 Second Plank (don’t mail this in. quality planks lead to a quality life)

E(2nd)MOM – 6 Sets
Build to a heavy Power Clean 1RM
We’ve worked technique and built strength for the Power Clean over the last 6 weeks.  Let’s see where you test out!!! Next 6 weeks, we develop and perfect the Snatch!!!

Teams of 3 AMRAP- 20 Min
70 Cal Bike
60 Box Jump
50 Wall Ball
40 Handstand Push Up

Scaled: Pike Push Up
Masters: As Written
RX: as Written

Intent: Switch off as needed. Use this as a change to teach about listening to your body and how many reps you have left before failure.