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CrossFit 5/15/2018


CrossFit 5/15/2018

Gymnastic warm up:
2 rounds for quality
20 Second Arch Hold
20 Second Dip support
20 Second Chin over bar hold (scale with 3 negative pull up)

Handstand Progression:
3 rounds for quality
5 Negative Handstand Push Up @5000 (scale with pike push up)
5 Wall walk W/ 3 second hold at top
15 Second Tripod headstand
30 Second Hollow Hold

EMOM- 5 Minutes
20 Seconds max rep deficit push up

EMOM- 15 (no round more than 40 seconds)
Min 1- 50 Double Unders
Min 2- 15 Ab Mat Sit Ups
Min 3- 12/10 Cal Row

Scaled: 50 Singles
Masters: As written
RX: As written

Intent: Stay Aerobic!!! This workout will catch up with athletes quick, cue breathing through the nose and staying relaxed on the movements.