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CrossFit 4/9/2018


CrossFit 4/9/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
2 round for quality
15 band pull aparts
15 band pull apart (overhead)
10 scap push up
10 floor facing angles

Central Nervous System Prep:
3 rounds
8 Pike Push Up
8 Suitcase Deadlift (each side)
8 Goblet Lunge (total)
8 Single KB Hang Snatch (total)
10 Deadbug opposite arm opposite leg lowering (each side)

E(3rd)MOM x 4 rounds
Front Squat [email protected]% @2020 Tempo

Intent: Looking to beat last week.

5 minutes
Bar over burpees
With remaining time but to 3RM Power clean TnG

Rest 3 minutes x2

Scaled: 15 Bar Over Burpees
Masters: 25 Bar Over burpees
RX: 25 Bar over burpees

WOD Intent: Practice fast burpees and barbell cycling while breathing heavy. No resting the bar at the waist to “regrip” or on the floor, nothing but smooth and fast power cleans.