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CrossFit 4/8/2018


CrossFit 4/8/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
AMRAP – 12 min for quality
5 inchworms w/ 3 second at hollow hold
20 sec dip supported tuck hold
5 bird dog w/ 3 sec reach (ea side)
15 sec side plank (ea side)
20 sec active hang
20 sec relaxed hang
5 cossack squats (ea side)

Butterfly Pull Up Progression:
8 minute practice on a Bar
8 Giant Kip Swings
8 x 1 foot on box butterfly pull ups
8 x 1 kipping pull up w/4 second lower
4 butterfly pull up singles


AMRAP 10 Min
50 double unders
10 wall ball
3/2 bar muscle up
25ft handstand walk

Scaled: 14/10 – 5 burpee pull ups – 25ft bear crawl
Masters: 24/10
RX: 24/10

Rest 6 minutes x2

Scale- 50 singles- 5/3 chest 2 bar- 50ft bear crawl

Scoring – start round 2 where you left off in round 1. Score is total round and reps.

Intent: Guess what Open WOD it looks like? We added the handstand walk because we saw it for the first time in the Open this year. We are learning the pacing as well as working on skill at an elevated heart rate. The handstand walk is in there to make sure your athletes don’t go crazy and accumulate a ton of muscle ups.