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CrossFit 4/7/2018


CrossFit 4/7/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
4 rounds
10 PVC pipe pass throughs
20 second PVC hollow hold
20 Second PVC Arch Hold

2 rounds
20 jumping jacks
5 inch worm
10 sit up
10 push ups
10 PVC overhead squat

Barbell Warm Up:
Burgener Warm Up

Central Nervous System Prep:
10 Lateral box step up (5 each)
50ft bear crawl

Every 30 Seconds x 14 reps
1 Hang Power Clean @ 55%
These should be “tooooo light”. That’s the intent.  We want these to be CRAZY FAST.

For Time
1000m Row or 50/40 Cal Bike
80 box jump over
60 burpees
40 Alternating Dumbbell power snatch
1000m row or 50/40 Cal Bike

Scaled: 35/20
Masters: 45/30
RX: 50/35

If you start with row, finish with bike. If you start with bike, finish with row.

Intent: Tag in and out before you get tired, push your partner on this.