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CrossFit 4/3/2018


CrossFit 4/3/2018

Gymnastic warm up:
3 rounds for quality
50ft bear crawl
30 second hollow hold
30 second dip arch hold
5 Strict Pull up
5 wall walk w/ 3 second nose to wall hold
20 second crab bridge hold

Butterfly Pull Up Progression:
3 rounds for quality
10 table top ring row (pull to sternum)
7 pull ups (scale with 4 pull up negatives)
20 sec plank ea side

2 attempts at Max Rep Strict Pull Ups (Scale with Longest Chin Above Bar Hold)

4 rounds
25/20 Cal Bike (Sub 2 min jump rope – dubs or singles – whatever they can do mostly unbroken)
400m run
Rest 3 minutes

Intent: Set a pace and hold it. Each round should be an identical time.

Gymnasty extra credit
2 rounds for quality
5 inch worm
10 plank Shoulder taps (total)
20 sec dip support