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CrossFit 4/16/2018


CrossFit 4/16/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
2 round for quality
10 Samson stretch with lunge (total)
10 Lunge with twist (total)
30 Second squat hold (find the bottom of squat and then raise up 1”. Should feel glutes and legs “firing”)
10 Pike push up @30X1 Tempo. (scale with Pike Lowering for 4 seconds, then push up from knees)

Central Nervous System Prep:
3 rounds
10 Single Leg KB RDL (opposite arm and leg)
10 Lateral Box Step Up
50ft Waiters Carry (each side)
10 Side Plank Rotation (each side)

E(3rd)MOM x 4
Front Squat 4×[email protected]% @2020 Tempo – across

7 minutes
40/30 cal bike (sub with 600M Run or 750/600M Row for equipment purposes)
With remaining time max reps Clean & Jerk

Rest 6 minutes x2

Scaled: 115/80
Masters: 135/95
RX: 185/125

Intent: Challenging the CP battery with this workout. Barbell should be heavy and tough to fight through

Gymnastics extra credit:
3 rounds for quality
12 Single Arm Dumbbell press (each side)
12 Single Arm Bent Over Row (each side)
50ft overhead dumbbell carry (each side)
20 Sit Up