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CrossFit 4/12/2018


CrossFit 4/12/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up:
AMRAP – 10 min for quality
50 single unders
5 walking inchworms
20 second dip support with tuck
5 Bird Dogs (each side)
20 second side plank each side
15 second active hang
5 cossack squats (each side)

Butterfly Pull Up Progression:
8 minute practice on a Bar
8 Giant Kip Swings
8 x 1 foot on box butterfly pull ups
8 x 1 kipping pull up w/4 second lower
4 butterfly pull up singles

AMRAP 12 Min (at a conversational pace)
4 toe 2 bar
6 dumbbell hang power clean and jerk (total)
300m row (Substitute 200M run if equipment is an issue.)

Rest 6 min x2

Intent: Last week of this open workout progression. Staying disciplined with your pace here is crucial.