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CrossFit 4/10/2018


CrossFit 4/10/2018

Gymnastic Warm Up
3 rounds for quality
5 scap pull up
5 strict pull up/ ring row
20 second side plank (each side)
50ft bear crawl
20 second crab bridge

Butterfly Pull Up Progression
3 rounds for quality
8 ring row (foot elevated on box)
30 second chin over bar hold/ 5 pull up negatives
20 sec L hang

2 attempts to find max strict pull up
Scale with max chin over bar hold or max ring row @3010 tempo

3 rounds
1 minute max double unders
1 minute max Russian KB Swing
1 minute max Bike Cals (sub or mix and match with Row Cals for equipment purposes)
1 minute max Burpees
1 minute max Deadlifts
Rest 1 minute

Scaled: single unders – 35/25 – 95/65
Masters: 55/35 – 115/80
RX: 55/35 – 135/95
Score is total number of reps and calories per round. Three scores.

Intent:Fight Gone Bad style. Set a pace and hold it. Each round should be identical reps.