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CrossFit 3/28/2018


CrossFit 3/28/2018

Gymnastics Warm Up
3 rounds for quality
30 second plank w/ shoulder taps (fight rotating at the hips)
8 Single Arm DB Half Kneeling Press @2020 tempo – arm that is pressing is on same side as knee that is on floor

Central Nervous System Prep
3 rounds for quality
50’ Bear Crawl
5 wall walks with 3 second nose to wall pause

E(other)MOM x 6 rounds
6 Push Press (sets 4-6 at same weight)

AMRAP – 7 Min
Wall Balls 20/14
Start of AMRAP and top of every Minute – 7 Power Cleans
Score is total number of Wall Balls

Scaled: 95/65
Masters: 115/80
RX: 135/95

Intent: The first 4 sets of 7 power cleans should be VERY VERY VERY FAST.  Then right back to the wall balls. At no point should the Power Cleans take more than 30 seconds of a minute.

Gymnasty Extra Credit
4 rounds for quality
8 dips @2020
8 elevated ring rows @2020

At Home Mobility: Make sure you get a foam roller.  20 bucks on amazon.
Foam Roll T-Spine and Lats – 3 minutes
Foam Roll Quads – 1 min ea
Foam Glutes and Hammies – 3 minutes
Couch Stretch – 1 min ea