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CrossFit 3/26/2018


CrossFit 3/26/2018

Mobility: (pre-class extra credit)
Foam Roll T-Spine and Lats – 3 minutes
Foam Roll Quads – 1 min ea
Banded Ankle Distraction – 1 min ea
Couch Stretch – 1 min ea

Gymnastics Warm Up  (00:00-15:00 for both warm ups)
2 rounds
1 min double under practice
10 alternating samson stretch to lunge (5 ea leg)
10 bootstrappers
1 round strict “cindy”
20 light band pull aparts
20 sec hanging L sit (scale with tucked knees)

Barbell Warm Up:
3 rounds
5 pike push ups @2020 tempo
10 alternating dead bugs (tucked)@2020 tempo
10 kb RDL (ea leg- opposite arm / leg)
10 front rack kb squat (5 ea arm)

Central Nervous System Prep (15:01-20:00):
3 rounds
12 goblet lunges (6 ea leg)
2 TGU (ea arm – building weight ea round)

Strength (20:01-40:00 – 4 minutes review of movements and 3 minutes to get gear ready ) :
E(other)MOM x 10 Rounds
Front Squat (Wave Loading – each round of 6,4,&2 will be heavier than first)  We will be wave loading the front squat for the next 6 weeks and increasing our load.  Track numbers!!!

Intent: We just came out of the Open.  These squats should NOT be heavy.
If you don’t know their 1RM Front squat, that is ok.  Work up to a moderately difficult weight.  

WOD (40:01-60:00 – 2 minutes instruction + 2 minutes to get gear ready)
6 Minutes
40/30 Cal Assault Bike (sub with 400M Run or 500M Row)
Remainder of time find 3RM Unbroken Hang Power Clean*
Rest 4 Min x 2 rounds
*on second round change reps from 3 to 2 and go for same weight or more.

WOD Intent: Developing the Creatine Phosphate Battery.  We’re going hard the first round and then trying to hold on the second round. If you can’t do for 2 what you did for 3, we need to get the CP Battery charged.  If you can do for 2 what you did for 3 (or if you can beat it) we need to continue refining the CP Battery to progress with your strength. No energy system left behind.

Cool Down: All the static stretching.  

At Home Mobility: Make sure you get a foam roller.  20 bucks on amazon.
Foam Roll T-Spine and Lats – 3 minutes
Foam Roll Quads – 1 min ea
Foam Glutes and Hammies – 3 minutes
Couch Stretch – 1 min ea