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CrossFit 1/27


CrossFit 1/27


If you haven’t received an email from “Wodify” yet with your log in info for the WOD tracking (and to put in your new payment info), email with “wodify” in the subject line.

Warm Up

Mobility – Hips

3 sets of:
8 ring rows
8 squat jumps
8 strict hanging knee raises or strict knees to elbow
8 lunge steps
20 sec crab bridge


AMRAP in 30 minutes Teams of 2

1000M Row
10 shoulder press
15 power snatches
20 Front squats

Health: 65/45
Athletic: 95/65
Performance: 135/95

When scoring Meters for last round. Every 100 Meters is 1 rep. Ask a coach for help.