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CrossFit 1/20/2018


CrossFit 1/20/2018

Warm Up

Mobility – Hips

3 rounds
8 squat jumps
2 inch worms
20 second crab bridge
12 hollow rocks,

3 sets of 5 with the empty bar
Jefferson curl
bent over row
hang muscle clean
shoulder press
back squat


AMRAP – 18 Min
2000m row by in (split up as desired between partners)

Then max rounds in the remaining time:
20 Wall balls
200m run with medball (one ball shared between partners)
20 GHD Med Ball Sit Ups

Health: 14/10 – reg sit ups
Athletic: 20/14 – 20 Sit up with med ball pass – only partner holding the ball does the sit up
Performance: 20/14 – split GHD’s in 5’s


Novice – “I have less than 5/3 (Male / Female) strict pull ups.”

Too often in CrossFit we allow people to pass go without them putting in the work to collect 200 dollars.  Strict strength will most importantly keep you from getting injured.  Build a strong base and you’ll have a taller pyramid.  We use the phrase “pay the man” in CrossFit a lot.  Think of this as investing with “the man”.  Pay him now so you can reap the rewards later. Stay in Novice until you can perform 5/3 strict pull ups.
3 x 12 Face Pulls @2020 Rest 90 sec between sets
3 x Max Time Eccentric Lowering (jump from box and lower until your arms are fully extended as slow as possible) Rest 90 sec between sets
3 x 12 Ring Rows @3030 Rest 2 min between sets

Beginner – “I have 5/3 strict pull ups but when I see Pull Ups in a WOD, I have trouble doing more than 15 unbroken”

This isn’t the sexy work, but it is more fun than the strict “base building”.  Keep paying the man and greatness will be yours.  Stay in Beginner until you can perform all sets (with butterflies) with only 1 minute rest.  Perfect form while holding a wristband between your feet (keeps your feet from flying all over the place)

Complex x 6 Rounds (rest 1-2 minutes between sets)
2 Arch / Hollows
2 Kipping T2Bs
2 Kipping Pull Ups
2 Butterfly Pull Ups (if able)

Advanced – “I am proficient with butterfly pull ups and am ready to do larger (20+) unbroken sets of pull ups.”
This is the sexy work.  You’ve earned it. Now respect the road you’ve traveled and refine your skills even more.
Complex x 6 Rounds (rest 1-2 minutes between sets)
2 Giant Unbroken Sets (do 1,2,3,1,2,3)
1 Arch / Hollows
2 Kipping T2Bs
3 Butterfly Pull Ups
1 Bar Muscle Up