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CrossFit 1/19/2018


CrossFit 1/19/2018


Okie University – Nutrition 101 – This Saturday – 9am

Costs: $125 for 12 weeks continued coaching (that’s $1.78 a day…)
Coaches: Tanner Johnson & Bryce Wakefield (Both have Nutrition Degrees from Oklahoma State)

What you get.
– We teach you “how to fish”
– We give you the tools to put in your toolbox to build a house of abs or fight off Type 2 Diabetes
– We teach you how to eat well while still living and enjoying life
– Guidance in tracking food in My Fitness Pal
– using our easy to use weekly tracking sheet
– Weekly check ins with your coach for both help with education but also accountability (priceless)
– Access to a private Facebook group that will have tips, recipes, and the encouragement needed to be successful

Take Nutrition 101 not just for you, but for your family.

Warm Up

Mobility – Shoulders

2 sets
10 ring rows
10 push ups
10 air squats
10 jumping jacks
30 single unders / dubs


3 sets of 5 reps of each with an empty barbell
hang muscle clean
split jerk
good morning
front squat


AMRAM – 7 Min

Chest to Bar
30 double unders
Log total reps.

Health: Ring Rows – Single Unders
Athletic: Pull Ups – Double Unders & Attempts
Performance: As Written

Barbell Cycling

7 Rounds – Building in Weight

Hang Power Clean
Hang Clean


Back Squat – 3,3,3,3,3

BTN Snatch Grip Sotts Press – 5,5,5