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Alcohol and Losing Weight – The Science Behind the Bulge


Alcohol and Losing Weight – The Science Behind the Bulge

You’re killing it in the gym.  You prep every meal you eat.  You just can’t seem to lose the weight you want to fast enough…  We’ve heard it.  First we say “Is alcohol that important?”, followed with a “You’ll have to exchange your alcohol for either carbs or fats”.


1 Gram of Alcohol = 7 calories.

Alcohol is not free of calories! Never. Ever. Ever. We’ve had members in the past kill their progress because they mistakenly think vodka is calorie free because there is no protein, carbs, or fat. Alcohol is calorically dense.

To track your alcohol you will take from your carbohydrate or fat allowance. You will take the total calories and divide by 9 for fat or 4 for carbohydrates. Never Ever Ever exchange alcohol for protein.


The caloric load for 1 shot of vodka (1.5 oz) is 97 calories

FAT – 97/9 = 10.7 – You can choose to count this as 10.7 grams of fat toward your fat allowance


CARBS – 97/4 = 24.25 – You can choose to count this as 24.25 of carbs toward your carb allowance

As you can see, a few drinks can add up very quickly. Even faster if you pair a drink with a mixer loaded with sugar.  Or Fireball, Rumple, Jagermeister, etc…  Those add up even faster.  Say it with me. “IPA’s give you a gut for days!!!!”

Tips: If you want to see the faster results, try to limit your alcohol consumption as much as possible. The negative effects of alcohol reach far beyond extra calories. If you are going to drink, the easiest days to fit it into your plan will be your cheat or “feed” nights so plan accordingly.

As always, life is a process.  Don’t be the kid in the playground running from one end of the teeter totter wondering why they’re always on the bottom.  Be the kid that stands in the middle. Balanced.